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Is this a biased survey?

I would answer with the question, "what survey dealing with religion is not?" But to answer the question, yes, I am biased as I myself am a Born Again Christian, as defined on this site. But, there is a fair amount of transparency since the actual survey email sent out is the one shown on this site. The data is provided by a third party (the pastor). We do this to avoid cases of a respondant identifying themselves as a Born Again Christian when in fact they do not fullfill the definition given on this site.

Do you profit from this site?

No. Not even donations are currently taken to cover operating expenses. Operarting expenses are provided by myself. Operating expenses are quite minimal - mostly it is an "expense" of time spent.

How Are Surveys Conducted?

Pastors of Bible-based churches are contacted by email, using the form email shown here. 

Isn't your definition of a Born Again Christian overly restrictive?

All of the criteria of our definition are backed up with scripture references. Of course one needs to accept the first condition as axiomatic: to believe in the authority and inerrancy of the Bible.

We avoid doctrinal issues like method of Baptism, Bible versions (King James vs. others), and beliefs on The Tribulation. 

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