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About Us provides statistics on the divorce rate of Born Again Christian couples. We use the definition of a Born Again Christian as provided in our survey. We also take a critical look at the well-know Barna study and the way they define a Born Again Christian. Since it is very difficult to obtain a completely honest answer to the question "Are you a Born Again Christiian", we use data provided to us by pastors of Bible-based Christian churches.

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History of project

One day I heard it said that born again christians divorced at a rate that was actually higher than other members of society! I was alarmed and a bit confused. After all, we had many couples in our church that were Born Again Christians, as such Christians are defined on this site, yet none were divorced! So I did some research on the survey mentioned. This led to me doing some research on my own.

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Visitors to this site are people wanting to know if there is a real difference in the divorce rate of Born Again Christians, as defined on this site, compared to society in general.

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